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Hypoallergenic Nickel-free jewellery is usually medical grade and compatible with the human body.Jewellery has been a part of our world since time immemorial. Decorating our bodies with beautiful accessories has been a part of our identity. It has evolved significantly over the years. The earliest piece of jewellery was found in MONACO about 25,000 years ago. It was made from bones. From being made of bone, stones, and shells. At present, jewellery has been transformed into diamonds, metals, and synthetic materials.

Why you should buy Nickel-free silver jewellery

Nickel is a silvery-White metal with a slight golden tinge that takes a high polish. Nickel is a vital metal for a variety of industries. It is a highly versatile metal. It will be alloyed with most other metals what makes it easy to work. A largely unknown fact is that Nickel is used in almost every kind of jewellery. Jewellery manufacturers add it to bulk up and harden metals. Jewellery makers use it to increase the durability and strength of their products. However, this metal can cause severe health images from wearing for a prolonged duration including redness, itchiness, an angry rash, and swelling. As a matter of protecting our bodies, we must buy nickel-free jewellery.

Buy and Wear Only Nickel-Free Hypoallergenic Jewellery

Everyone, including kids, can experience the benefits of wearing pretty allergy-free jewellery. Here are the top five reasons:

1. Prevent Nickel Allergic

You can develop a nickel allergy at any age. Sometimes it can take years of wearing nickel for your body to trigger an allergic reaction to it. Once you have an allergy, you’ll always have it. Avoid it altogether by wearing only nickel-free hypoallergenic jewellery .

When it comes to the best jewelleries for kids or babies, use only titanium or medical-grade plastic. There is no chance of them sustaining an allergic reaction and one less worry for you. Even the slightest exposure to nickel can cause a severe allergic reaction. Regardless of your age, it is estimated that 25% of women globally have allergies. Sometimes jewellery manufacturers keep incredibly quiet and are the most critical fact about nickel. It is a recognized carcinogenic or an agent of CANCER. Specially linked to nasal & lung CANCER.

2. Ensures Long-Lasting Value

Another popular misconception is that Nickel is used exclusively in fashion jewellery. This is incorrect, unfortunately, engagement rings and wedding bands often fall foul. Consider it a memory in the making. Investing in quality jewellery enhances your look and style. Medical-grade jewellery lasts a long time. It is rhodium plated ( Rhodium plated is a process of dipping the jewellery into rhodium & letting it soak into the metal). It protects the metal from scuff and scraps, giving longevity to your jewellery. Buy something that you really love. Don’t settle for a piece just because it’s hypoallergenic. Investing in quality nickel-free jewellery doesn’t need to break the bank.

3. Comfortable Wearing All Day

After you put in a pair of low-quality earrings, it can take minutes, hours, or days for the symptoms to flare up. A popular comment that floats a lot is ❝I get a rash after a few hours of wearing my jewellery❞. Usually, you’re not at home when you start to feel it. Wearing high-quality Hypoallergenic and Nickel-free jewellery feels comfortable no matter how long you wear it. It saves you from worrying about sneaking away from the fun to remove or change your jewellery.

4. High-Quality Materials Make You Look Great

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloys. Fourteen karat gold is 14 karats of gold and 10 karats of other metals. These other metals that make up the alloys in jewellery are often nickel or a low-grade, inexpensive substitute. They are tough on sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic Nickel-free jewellery achieves the same characteristics strength, durability, and resistance to tarnishing, but with high-grade metals like platinum or titanium. You look and feel great because you have no allergies.

5. Hypoallergenic Jewellery Won’t Cause Rashes

Hypoallergenic Nickel-free jewellery is usually medical grade and compatible with the human body. The jewellery metal is higher-grade and purer. Titanium jewellery used for making implants makes safe, beautiful earrings and body jewellery. Medical-grade metal should be nickel-free. Another option is medical-grade plastic. Designers use it to make beautiful earrings that won’t cause skin allergies.

6. Makes a fashionable gift for you or anyone

It seems we have more women and girls breaking out with allergies to jewellery than ever before. It makes it harder to give a personal gift if you’re unsure whether they react to nickel. That’s why buying nickel-free jewellery for you, your daughter or a friend takes the stress out of it. You never have to worry about a nickel allergy.

When you purchase from us, you have a large selection from which to choose. There are colors and styles to fit any age. And match any wardrobe or taste. Nickel-free jewellery makes gift-giving a snap.

Become a Better Jewellery Buyer

•Don’t just take our word for it!

• Do a little research. See what your jewellery contains.

• Pay attention to any sensitive reactions your body might experience while wearing it.

•Learn how they make your jewellery. Ask questions, read the labels, and talking to sales associates.

•Get connected to your jewellery and why you buy it. You’ll feel the difference whether you have a metal allergy or not.

How can you make sure your jewellery is Nickel-free

After assessing the risks of Nickel in jewellery, it is useful to know how can assure about buying Nickel-free jewellery. Buying this jewelry is not a difficult process.

•Established brands: Brands that have a good reputation & credibility will manufacturer good products. They may be slightly more expensive but it is worth buying Nickel-free jewellery than face health issues.

• Most first-world countries prohibit the use of nickel in making jewellery. But it is always best to check the product level to ensure that the jewellery is Nickel-free. In that case, the words ❝ Nickel free ❞ or ❝Hypoallergenic❞ will be mentioned on the label.

• If you don’t trust the store and the label you can get Nickel testing does on the piece to jewellery to make sure it is Nickel-free.

Nickel-free jewellery is grand & elegant and available in abundance. So, when purchasing them you must be careful and aware. Thinking of long-term benefits is more important than saving time and money now.

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